Guest of the Month-- Everyone meet Holly!

Hey there, I am Holly! I am beyond flattered to do a guest blog with ChattyMamas! When Leigh reached out to ask if I would like to share my perspective of motherhood, I was ecstatic! Being a mother is by far the greatest thing I have ever done. 

When I first became pregnant, it came as a pleasant surprise. I was 29 years old, recently engaged, working on my career in a male dominated industry and hadn't planned on having a baby for another couple years. The initial shock was big but after a few days I found myself constantly day dreaming of what my sweet baby would look like and welcoming her into the world, getting to hold her and kiss her and snuggle her up, touching her tiny little fingers and toes. My life has changed dramatically since she was born as I have been fortunate enough to be a stay at home mama. Our sweet Alayna is 10 months old now and she is the light of our lives- she's a daddy's girl and her mama's world! A bright eyed, happy baby who enjoys bath time, playing with Kit Kat (her kitty,) and going new places. Let's face it, as mothers, we could talk about our children all day long, so without further ado, Six Things I Didn't Expect to Feel After Becoming a Mother:

8 Things Teachers Want Parents to Know

As a new school year has begun it got me reflecting on the years I have worked as an elementary school teacher. Parents can make or break a school year. Often times parents want to be more helpful but they don't know how. Now that I’m taking a break from the teaching world to be a stay at home mom, I thought I would pass along what most teachers wish they could tell parents.

Pizza Sub

Who doesn’t love the taste of pizza?  This is a great go to meal when you need something fast and easy for lunch, and kids absolutely love them. These pizza subs are just as good as pizza and are ready in half the time. What’s best about these pizza subs is that you can personalize each sandwich to your liking.

Friends vs Mommy

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Girlfriends--what blessings they are to have. You don't think that the little girls you meet when you are in elementary school or the ones you meet when you are a sorority girl in college will become your best friends but they will. Those relationships will be the ones you value most because they will be the ones who stand by your side the day you marry the man of your dreams and the ones that sit on your porch as grown women while your children play together. 

Back to School Clothes on a Budget

School is right around the corner so I have brought you some of my favorite back to school looks that wont break the bank. Don’t waste your time going through clothes at the mall you can buy all these clothes from the comfort of your own home. I hope this helps make your back to school shopping a little easier.

Ya Look Good Girl

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Pregnancy—the mother of all rollercoasters. What an amazing gift to experience but what a toll it takes on the body! Our culture, especially among certain social classes, makes no secret of how crucial it is to be skinny, tight, and fit before, during, and after pregnancy. Why is there such pressure put on women? It makes me cringe at the comments I hear people make about other women, especially during a time they are growing another human life within. And don’t think this is a fat girl post, this is for all you naturally skinny gals too!


Motherhood--we all enter striving for perfection and we all fall short at some point along the way. We do the best we can but in the end we are human and we will make mistakes. Grab some popcorn, sit down, and allow me to share some of my e p i c mom fails.