8 Things Teachers Want Parents to Know

As a new school year has begun it got me reflecting on the years I have worked as an elementary school teacher. Parents can make or break a school year. Often times parents want to be more helpful but they don't know how. Now that I’m taking a break from the teaching world to be a stay at home mom, I thought I would pass along what most teachers wish they could tell parents.

     1.     Your Child Is Not Perfect
Your child will make a mistake and that’s ok! It is unrealistic to expect your child to be perfect throughout the school year. We as adults make mistakes every day how could you possible expect your child to be perfect when you're not perfect? Don’t worry, when that day comes use it as a learning experience.

   2. Communication Is Key
The relationship between parents and teachers is key to students success. You may think that you are burdening a teacher by constantly communicating with them but that could not be further from the truth. Teachers love to know whats going on at home so they can be prepared to handle situations that may occur at school. By communicating your child's home life teachers can better understand the affect it has on them in the classroom and can talk them through situations. 
   3. Grades Are Not EVERYTHING
Not getting an A is not the end of the world. We give children the grade they earned, unfortunately this does not account for the hard work and effort they have put in or the growth they have shown throughout the quarter. Just because they have gotten a bad grade doesn't mean they are not trying and improving everyday. As a teacher we love to see good grades but it is just as important to see growth in a student. They will get there you just have to be patient.
    4. If You Don't Have Something Nice To Say Don't Say It At All
When you talk negatively about a teacher in front of your child it destroys all respect they have for their teacher. It makes your child have to choose between liking the teacher or listening to their parents. Try to support us, we are doing our best to always support the needs and wants of you as a parent.
   5. Trust Teachers Feedback
Teachers give feedback daily on children's behavior and learning. We do this to help you and your child do better in school and life. So if a teacher reports a specific behavior that they usually don't do at home remember the classroom and home environment are two very different settings with different rules. Listen to what the teacher says and work with your child to find a solution. We are all in this together!
 6.We Are There To Help Your Child
No one becomes a teacher for the money. It’s a career chosen based on a passion and belief in the importance of education. We are with your child majority of the day/week. They become like one of our children. Every decision we make we do in the best interest of your child. You may not agree or understand everything we do, but I promise there is a reason for everything we do. 

    7. Be Involved
  Contrary to popular belief we love parents who are involved in the right way. Every teacher could use help in their classroom whether it be listening to a child read or cutting out letters your help is always wanted.

   8. We Need Love Too!
 Teachers work a lot of overtime hours and put lots of their own time and money into things to help the students learn. Something as simple as a note of appreciation goes a long way! We just want to know that you appreciate all the hard work we put in everyday. 

Being a teacher is often a thankless job. We work after hours without extra pay, pay for most of our classroom and deal with mounting pressure of test scores. But it is the most rewarding you get to build strong lasting relationships with both parents and children. The most rewarding part of all is watching the progression of the student throughout the year knowing you had a hand in helping the child grow. What teachers really want parents to understand is that we are on the same team and want what’s best for your child.

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