Motherhood--we all enter striving for perfection and we all fall short at some point along the way. We do the best we can but in the end we are human and we will make mistakes. Grab some popcorn, sit down, and allow me to share some of my e p i c mom fails.

 1.    Well, I think a picture tells a thousand words and just so happened to catch one of my most memorable mom fails. After being at the zoo a couple hours I figured what better way to cool down from a hot day than with Dippin’ Dots. Ella had never had Dippin’ Dots so I wanted to capture the moment to send to my husband. Little did I know Ella had been eyeing those little balls of greatness, right as I was trying to create this picture perfect moment she grabbed the bowl and there they went! Oops!
      2.  My daughter is a complete girly girl and loves watching me do my makeup. She especially loves carrying my nail polish around because it fits perfectly in her hand. What could go wrong? My husband picked Ella up to go outside and of course--BOOM! She drops the nail polish on our tile floor and shattered the bottle. Nail polish everywhere. It took me several hours to scrub it off the floor and there are still small stains on the door and washer. I like to think she was just wanting to spice up the house decor😉
       3.    Every Tuesday Ella and I do a Baby Bounce class together. What fun it is! Everyday they have a time where all the kids ride on rocking horses. Ella was riding on her rocking horse and I was holding onto her and somehow she slipped through my hands and fell off the rocking horse onto the ground. Talk about a bad mom! All the other moms saw and I was so embarrassed. I mean whose child falls off a rocking horse while they are holding them?? Of course the other moms were so nice, I wanted to crawl in a whole. #momfail


     4.    On mothers day-- of all days-- I put Ella on the bed and turned on her favorite TV show so I could get ready to go to brunch. She was in the middle of the bed enjoying her favorite show Sesame Street so I went in the closet to pick out what I was going to wear and then I heard a cry. Oh no!! Turn around and there she is on the floor. Oops!!! It broke my heart. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt but I felt so bad I sat there and cried with her. #momfail

Don't feel bad y'all, we all have these moments. Our brains are on go 24/7 so it is only reasonable that we have some oopsies every now and then! Glad mine have just been silly and stupid instead of something serious. Share some of your #momfails with us!!

Chatt Later,

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