Breastfeeding Necessities


 Breastfeeding can be an incredibly rewarding and frustrating experience. You experience many ups and downs but in the end its all worth it. I breastfed my daughter for a year and have personally used all these products. They made my breastfeeding journey easier. So I created a list of breastfeeding essentials to help make your experience a little easier. 

    1. Water Bottle
Water plays a crucial role in breastfeeding.  Lack of water can lead to dehydration, which causes tiredness, and all you mamas know that’s the last thing we need! You are advised to drink 2 liters of water a day, the easiest way to do this is to constantly have a water bottle by your side day and night and if you have to have a water bottle it may as well be a cute one!

I like to call this the glorified neck pillow. What is better than a cozy pillow that mama can use without baby? A cozy pillow that mama can use with/without baby!! This pillow helps support the baby while nursing so mama doesn't have to strain to hold the baby up. It isn't too shabby for mama to lay her head on for a quick snooze during nap time either! This was a necessity for me, I use the boppy every feeding. It can be also be used during tummy time, to prop your baby up and to assist your baby sitting up. At first I purchased a nursing pillow for twice the price as the boppy thinking it must be better since it was more expensive and looked nicer. Well, don't judge a book by its cover! More expensive doesn’t always mean better, thank goodness my sister in law let me borrow her boppy. Once you go boppy, you never go back!

When you first start to breastfeed your boobs are so sore and you are looking for any relief possible. Here is the answer! Lansinho gel pads will provide you with instant relief and they help heal sore nipples. Trust me mamas you will want to pack these in your hospital bag!

     4.  Breast Pump Bra
Mamas this is a must! A lot of mom's don’t know but there is a bra that hold’s the pump into place. Who wants to be stuck holding their pump in place the whole time. We are tired enough as it is anything to make life easier is worth the money. If you are going to have to take time to pump you may as well take advantage and turn it into a little down time for you. Trust me this will make your life so much easier.

When I first started breastfeeding I was shy and would lock myself in a room to breastfeed. However, once I felt more comfortable I started nursing when people were in the room. It was so much easier to be on the go and breastfeeding when you have a cover. You don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable or people staring at you. But lets face it there will always be those people who stare. By using this cover you will not be confined to your house or a room you can go run errands and breastfeed on the go!

    6.    Nursing Pads
Unfortunately, one of the down sides to breastfeeding is leaky boobs. Yes, I know could you cut us a break we are already dealing with enough here. To deal with this leaking situation we have to have nursing pads. This way we can go out on the town with our man worry free and leak free.


  7.  Breast Pump
This is a must for working mamas and mamas who need a break or night out. Which is all of us! Having a back up milk supply is never a bad idea. It allows you to give your boobs a well-deserved break, go on a date night and be away from baby. All which are important to getting your groove back with your baby.

While pumping you might as well take advantage of your "free time" and get things done. I love my battery pack it allowed me to be cordless and do things around the house I normally couldn’t do while holding a baby. Such as brushing your teeth, washing dishes, doing laundry or just laying in bed watching TV. Who wants to have to be right next to an outlet?

If you are going to pump you have to have the bags to put the milk in. These are awesome they measure how many ounces of milk you put in them and then they go straight in the freezer until your ready to use.

Whoever said It's no use crying over spilt milk never breastfed! What’s even worse is pumping and dumping. Now before you dump that milk mamas you can make sure that it is bad with alcohol test strips. This gives mama a peace of mind knowing all the milk the baby drinks is safe.

Breastfeeding is never easy for anyone our hope is that with these products it can be a little easier on you. Let us know what breastfeeding products you can't live without.

Chatt Later,

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