Reasons I Love My Husband More as a Father

When you imagine yourself as parents you picture the ideal parent sweet, loving, patient and calm. Wrong! Everything changes once that little baby enters the world and turns your life upside down. When you were thinking of what a great parent you would be you forgot to factor in exhaustion, smelly diapers and spit up. Now, somehow your perfect idea of a parent has gone out the window and reality has hit you like a ton of bricks. However, through this crazy experience you and your partner find out so much more about yourselves and each other than you ever thought possible. Here are 5 reasons I love my husband more today than before we had a baby.

1.    Love for Family
I knew my husband was going to be a great father by the way he cares for and loves our dog but I didn’t know how good he would really be until I saw him holding our daughter for the first time. I will never forget the look in his eye you could tell she already had him wrapped around her finger. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to protect her or our family. He makes so many sacrifices so that I can stay at home with her full time. One big sacrifice has been his golf game, so he can spend time with Ella, which says a lot!   
     2.  How They Deal With Exhaustion
I thought I knew what being tired felt like. Ha! I had no idea! You can never prepare yourself for the exhaustion you feel waking up throughout the night feeding your baby then waking up the next morning and having to take care of a baby and function through a normal day. Your body is just not made to go that long without sleep, que the emotions that go along with this sleep deprivation. Unlike most fathers my husband had to wake up with me every night to feed Ella because she would not breastfeed. The nurses scared us into thinking if we gave her a bottle she never would latch. So of course us being first time parents listened to every word they said. They claimed the best way to feed her was through a syringe attached to a tube, this mechanism took two people one to hold the syringe and the other to attach the tube to their finger and place in her mouth. (that’s a whole other story) So needless to say we were both dealing with exhaustion, which brings out a whole other side to a person. Craig of course handled it like a champ reassuring me every chance he could get that I was doing great. Me on the other hand was an emotional wreck. Almost having an emotional breakdown when our newborn photographer cancelled on us days before we were due to take pictures. Somehow he always knew the right thing to do and say every step of the way.
3.   Team
I must say we make a pretty good team. Which is crucial in the world of parenting.  I see it all the time moms doing most of the work all themselves. It makes me appreciate even more the teamwork we have. Working together takes so much stress off me. Once Ella was finally able to nurse at night whenever I was done he was right there to take her and change her diaper then put her back to sleep. Then wake up the next morning and go to work all day.

4.    The lengths he will go to get a laugh
Anything to make Ella laugh he is willing to do no matter if that means making weird faces or noises he is up for the task. I would just sit and laugh part of me is laughing because she is laughing and the other part is laughing at him.

5.     Handles Sticky Situations
Well as you parents know parenthood isn’t all that glamorous unless of course your idea of glamorous is changing dirty diapers, bathing in spit up and dealing with exhaustion. Yet he has been there through all these situation and has never backed down no matter how gruesome the scene is.


Nothing puts your relationship more to the test than parenthood. You get to see your partner react to situations they have never experienced before on top of being exhausted, dealing with a hormonal wife and your own emotional state. I am grateful to go through this journey with my husband and I can truly say we make a good team and I love him now more than ever.

Chatt Later,