Nighty Night, Sleep Tight

Getting your child to sleep through the night is a luxury, let's be real! After the first week of sleeping through the night you feel like you have won at parenthood.  We were fortunate, Ella started sleeping through the night at 2 months old (I can sense some of you wanting to punch me right now! Your time will come soon I promise!) Here are some things we did that I think really benefitted us and hopefully will help you and your little one too! 

First things first,  Schedule
 We put our daughter on a strict sleeping schedule. The hardest part of a schedule is simple starting! Trust me it’s not fun but is completely worth it in the end. When you are just starting out remember to keep your eyes on the prize! I started by putting my daughter down for naps during the day in her crib. When we first started sometimes she would only sleep for 15 minutes but once she understood--yes I said "understood" because believe it or not children thrive on schedules. After a couple days they will understand that when you lay them down it is time to go to sleep.
The only downside that I found with such a tight schedule is it can be hard to keep if you want to have a busy social life. Now, I am not saying you can't leave the house or adjust their sleep times a tad but just keep in mind you are trying to train them a learned behavior so keep it the same for a bit so they can adjust. 

Second, The Right Pajamas
It’s important that you make sure your child is comfortable. Ruffles and frill may look cute on pajamas but they are not comfortable. I always question myself "would I wear that?" If the answer is no than your kid probably doesn’t want to be in it either. When going to sleep you want to make sure your child is wearing temperature appropriate clothing and no loose fitting garments, make sure they are snug, cozy, and feeling totally secure.
Third, Temperature
Having your house on the right temperature is part of helping your child go to sleep. The ideal room temperature to sleep in is 68-72 degrees. You may think this is cold but it I promise your little one won't freeze! The human body naturally cools off during sleep so helping keep the body get to that lower temperature faster can encourage deeper sleep.
Fourth, Child's Room
To help your child sleep through the night the room should have a sound machine. This dull noise will help get children into a deep REM sleep and stay there longer. Make sure you have the sound machine on white noise not lullabies or ocean waves. Having a stimulation free room is important because you want your child to be unstimulated and go to sleep faster. Things you want to avoid in a room are mobiles, toys, stuffed animals, light up fish tanks or loose blankets. This way your room is boring and safe for the baby. To help your baby get the best sleep your child’s room should be completely dark-- no night light, closet light or hallway light. 

Last but surely not least,  Develop a Bedtime Routine
This allows your child time to wind down and know that bedtime is approaching. Before Ella goes to bed every night she takes a bath and we read her a bedtime story while she drinks her milk. After the book is done she know's its time for bed and signals for my husband to pick her up, she gives me a kiss and waves goodnight.

Just remember when it comes to babies its never one size fits all. All babies are different but I truly believe by doing these five things we were able to get Ella to sleep through the night at 2 months. I hope this will help you and your little one get more sleep! Trust me, when they sleep through the night you will be a lot happier and healthier of a person. Definately a more patient Mama! 

If you would like to get your child on a schedule I would highly recommend the book "Mom’s on Call". I have all three books and literally used this book every day when Ella was a baby, it’s a game changer! 

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