Summer Bucket List

Summer is right around the corner!! Kids can hardly contain their excitement, mama on the other hand is probably already stressing about what is going to keep these kids entertained all summer long.  We have you covered with activities that will be sure to put a smile on your child’s face--and tell Daddy these won't break the bank! 

      1. Watch a movie in your backyard
     This summer skip the crowded, overpriced movie theatre and turn your backyard into your very own movie theatre with 2 simple things a sheet and a projector. Don't have a projector? Rent one from your local library, most have that option.
homemade outdoor movie theatre
2.    Picking strawberries
 Gather the whole family and head to the strawberry farm. What a fun way to learn some agricultural tips while having fun and bringing home some sweet (healthy) treats! 
     3.   Camping
Whether you’re an outdoors person or not everyone needs to experience camping or shall I say glamping at least once. No need for a campground, just pop up the tent in the backyard!
4.   Star gazing
Sound lame? Maybe. But, sometimes we need to take time out of our busy schedules, go outside and admire the beauty of nature with no technology. What a treasure it is to spend quality time with your kids.
     5.    Picnic
         Take the time this summer to go to your favorite spot and enjoy a picnic. This could be a perfect date night for mama and daddy! 
     6.   Make popsicles
I remember as a kid one of my favorite treats to have in the summer was popsicles. What was even better was when my Mom and I  bought Popsicle makers and tried different combinations until we found our favorite!! YUM! 
     7.    Water gun and water balloon fight
Nothing says summer more than a good water fight. If you haven’t participated in a good water fight than you are missing out and it’s not over until everyone is wet!
8.    Fly a kite
There’s something so thrilling about finally getting a kite up in the air after numerous attempts and there’s nothing better than concurring the kite together as a family.

      9.  Catching fireflies
One of my favorite things about summer is seeing the fireflies come out. When I was little every summer my friends and I would spend hours out in the yard catching fireflies. It is innocent memories like this that make childhood so special. 
     10.  Grow a garden

This is a fun and educational way to teach your children where fresh fruits and veggies come from. Plus, when it is time to eat your child will feel super accomplished because they grew and cooked their own meal.

I hope you are able to check all these off your summer bucket list! Technology is great, but take this summer as a chance to get the kids off the couch and enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer. The quality time you will get from these moments with your kids will be so special! 

Chatt Later,

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