I am a woman hear me R O A R

Mamas, Ladies, get ready for this impulsive yet serious post. I have one word for you…. f e m i n i s m. With the feminist movement on the rise in the U.S. right now especially, do you as a mother ever feel like society is swinging so far the opposite direction that you are being dissed for being “just” a mom? There may be more to womanhood than motherhood but there is also a lot more to motherhood than playdates and wine nights.

So just listen before you jump ship. I totally, completely, and entirely am a cheerleader for working moms, female CEOs and fearless feminine moguls, I hope to be you one day! Keep kicking some corporate America..you know what! But, until my day comes—quit downplaying my role as “just” a stay at home mom.

It is like the further we get as a society the further we take a step back. So great, women are finally getting big roles in the business world but now respectable young adults wanting to start a family early are being condemned for choosing to settle down “too soon”. My favorite comment is, “don’t rush things, you have SO much life left to live before settling down and having babies.” Okay, um? Who says being married and having a baby isn’t living? I realize that some women were put on this planet to be the do all’s of the world, but who says doing it “all” means having a career? I feel like I do it all every. single. day. and I never once step foot into an office. But I am doing my all at the moment and my all is being “just” a stay at home mom, and that is enough!! Climbing the corporate ladder isn’t for everyone just like staying home isn’t for everyone. Don’t get people being below you twisted with being beneath you.

Women’s rights are crucial in our society moving forward, with that being said, now more than ever we need to united as women constantly building each other up rather than tearing each other apart. We are fierce as individuals; imagine the impact we could make if we all stuck together. The radical feminists may be cringing at this post, but don’t. I choose to be a housewife just like you choose to have a career and both of those are more than enough!!

Being a feminist means you support the “working woman”…being a mom is work, whether you have a career to go along with it or not. Don’t depict me as the victim because I stay at home with my baby everyday. I am a loud, proud, simplistic homemaker raising my baby boy the best way I know how and that is enough for me right now.

Being a boss a** woman isn’t only defined by having a career. It is defined by achievements, so shoutout to all you stay at home mamas, look at all your sweet acheivements (your babies) and give yourself a pat on the back. You are a boss!!!

Chatt Later,


  1. Being a feminist doesn't mean you support the working woman--true feminism means you support women NO MATTER WHAT they choose to do--stay at home with kids, work outside the home with kids, choose not to have kids etc etc

    You do you mama! Stay at home mommin is valuable and economical. I wish I could do it! I did it for 3 years and ended up working outside the home because we were struggling to pay bills. It turned out to be a huge blessing because it's allowed my husband to go back to school to better our family in the long run.

    We are all on different journeys. I know some stay at home moms think I'm not as good a mother because I work and I love my job. But loving my job and missing my kids aren't mutually exclusive. And I'm still an excellent mom.

    Know your worth! It's a lot!

    1. Thank you so much for your words and for reading! It is a constant battle of should I go back to work or not but for now staying home seems right for me :) You are an awesome mom just for the fact that you are willing to sacrifice your time away from your babies to provide them with a "comfy" lifestyle! Don't doubt yourself, you are doing great!