Spit up on my nice jeans, boobs swollen from nursing, puffy eyes from sleepless nights, am I ready for all this again? Deciding whether or not to have another baby is often times much more complex than with the first bambino. Especially in my case considering the first one was the ultimate surprise! So, when exactly is the right time to have another baby? Feel free to start throwing answers my way mamas!

 Most people probably don’t struggle with this issue because tradition has it that you get married and have everything planned out, exactly how many kids you want when you want them. For the vast rest of us non traditional folks, we have a surprise baby number 1 and then have no idea what is next.

There are so many pressures us women face on having another child, calling it quits forever or having kids at all! While pregnant with one the first question people can think to ask is “when are yall going to have another?” like dang, let me enjoy this moment and this baby!! But, I get it. Our biological clocks are ticking; time is not in our favor leaving such an internal tug of war. Boy am I feeling this tug so strong lately! #BabyFever – it is a real thing!

“Will we ever have enough money for kids or multiple kids?” No. There isn’t enough money in the world to make you feel secure that you are ready to care for another human being. With each child comes new challenges to your relationships with others primarily you and your husbands. If you are anything like me baby number 1 changed everything but in the best way possible. So, will baby #2 be the same? Total fear of mine. Hutton has been such an easy baby on all levels, will our next one turn our world upside? Will I be a good enough mom to multiple kids? Will I be able to handle the chaos? Will Hutton feel like we are forgetting about him? These are the questions I am constantly asking myself. Am I the only one ladies?

I have always said I wanted my kids to be 2 years apart and I would have 4. Yes, 4. But after having Hutton my heart feels so full. Some days I wake up and really just feel like we are missing 1 piece and we need 1 addition to make our family complete. Other days I feel at peace with just the 3 of us. I have been constantly worrying and pressuring myself about adding on to our family that I am missing out on time with just Hutton. Enjoy the present, for this is the only time we have. Quit stressing about having a baby or having additional babies, when the time is right God will bless you. If not, be okay with that. Being a mom to 1 child, multiple children, or none at all is totally okay. Womanhood isn’t defined by motherhood. No situation is ever going to be “ideal” because kids are a lot. Circumstances change regularly; take it one day at a time.

These are all lessons I need to work on as a mom. Patience has never been a virtue of mine but I am starting to realize it is key to feeling fulfilled and being present in life. What are your struggles and opinions on when the right time is to extend your family? I would love to hear some advice from my fellow mamas!

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