Lifeline Backpack

When I found out I was pregnant with Ella one of the first things I started looking for was a cute diaper bag--knowing it was going to become my biggest daily accessory! I never thought to look for a diaper backpack because I had never seen a mom with one. A diaper bag quickly becomes your lifeline, your go-to for every item you may need while out and about!

It wasn’t until my daughter was 9 months old that I started wanting to invest in these new trendy backpacks I was seeing mamas tote around. My husband found some online that were both fashionable and functional, he surprised me with the 'Skip Hop by Chelsea Downtown'. I am obsessed!! It has made my life so much easier. I truly wish I had gotten it sooner! Ella and I are both very active so we are constantly on the go, since it is just the two of us during the day I need both hands to hold her. When I had a diaper bag the strap would constantly fall off my shoulder and was very uncomfortable. All these diaper bags are fashionable, efficient and functional. Hopefully this will help all of you expecting mamas find the right diaper bag that suits your lifestyle! 

2. Mina Kay Bags Carryall Backpack
5. AnnMedeline The Chic Bag

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