Join us for a Pow Wow

Mama’s are always finding something to spend extra money on, right dads?! A birthday party is no cheap expense! Get creative and make it memorable for your little ones, quit worrying about the tiny details they won’t even notice. Happy mommy=happy baby so enjoy the day that way your child will do the same!

Throwing it back to Hutton’s first birthday—what day!! I am a perfectionist when it comes to having guest in our home or hosting parties so needless to say planning my son’s first birthday party was no easy task especially since our wedding was 2 weeks prior. Crazy, I know!  2016 was quite the year for our family. I wanted the theme of Hutton’s party to be something unique. I decided on a teepee theme, “Join us for a Pow Wow in Hutton’s Hut”. We stuck to that theme for his one year photo session shot by Christan C George Photography. It was perfect! I kept it very simple. Hubby didn’t want me spending a ton of money on a party Hutton wouldn’t even remember so I did a lot of DIY and had lots of help from my mom and mother-n-law. The party was at my parents house with our closest family and friends. We decorated one farm table with all the food and décor then had his teepee set up for gifts. Go to Hobby Lobby for party ideas they have the cutest decorations and always have sales going! Hutton had his own smash cake (Yellow Cake Co.)  and everyone else devoured delicious teepee shaped sugar cookies that my mother-n-law made. Seeing his little face light up when he walked into the room made everything worth while! Here are some pictures from Hutton’s Hut themed party. Get creative and have fun with your theme! Share some of your babies first birthday themes with us for next time .


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