Easter Basket Fun

Easter is right around the corner so that means its time to wrap up your Easter shopping! When I think about Easter I think Peep’s, Cadbury eggs, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies.  As a former 1st grade teacher I remember those class party day’s where you give a child something sweet and BOOM they transform into the most hyper little monster! Apparently, there are studies claiming that candy does not have an affect on a child’s behavior, I'd beg to differ. I challenge anyone who believes that to walk into a classroom filled of children who just ate cupcakes or chocolate, chaos I tell ya! So for that reason, I understand parents wanting to avoid loads of candy so here are some other options that will be sure to put a smile on your child’s face.

1.      A book
I love giving books! As a former teacher I feel like books are a must! They are both educational and fun. The more you encourage your child to read and read to them the better reader they will become and who doesn’t love a good Easter themed book?!

Pete the Cat Big Easter Adventure
Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt
Llama llama easter egg
The Berenstain Bears Easter Sunday
Happy Easter Mouse!
Fancy Nancy and the Missing Easter Bunny
Happy Easter Little Critter

2.     A Craft
Who doesn’t love a good craft?! It is a good way to spend quality time with your child and when you are done you have something you have made together.

Paint by numbers
Ready made craft kits
DIY wooden birdhouses
Mini flowerpots (great to let your little one’s paint and then plant something in it.)
Crayons and coloring book
Play dough
Finger paint

3.     A Puzzle
Puzzles help build problem solving and fine motor skills and are good for all ages. Make sure that you get age appropriate puzzles some that will get your child thinking but, not to hard that it will frustrate them to the point where it is not fun anymore.

4.    A Toy
I know what your thinking a toy!?! My child has a million toys and doesn’t need any more I know! But pick a toy that your child has been wanting or you know they will love. Let’s face it what do most kid’s want TOYS!

Stuffed animals
Chew toys
Bath toys
Sports balls
Music toys

5.     Clothes
Who doesn’t want more clothes!?! I know us mamas can relate to that, children always want/need clothes. I feel like I go through clothes all the time. Whether it be getting stains on them or wearing them so much they get a hole in them.

Hope these alternative ideas have been helpful! We wish you and your families a Happy Easter! Share pictures of your little bunnies baskets with us on Instagram/Facebook @chattymamas! 

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