7 Tips for Traveling with your Newborn


We all know the whispers that occur when we see a parent board a plane with a child. Heck we have all been those people at one time or another, just praying we are not sat next to them. My husband is from Vancouver, Canada so we travel quiet often. The first time I took my daughter on a flight she was five months old. To say I was nervous is an understatement. We flew from Chattanooga, TN to Seattle, WA.  The flight from Atlanta to Seattle was 5 hours I thought to myself please let me get through this flight without a meltdown. Here are some of the tricks we used to help use have a stress free flight. We made it through our flight with minimal crying and lots of new friends.

1.Mark Infant on your Ticket
When you book your tickets make sure you let them know you are traveling with an infant. This way they can know for their passenger manifest.

2. Feed your baby
Or at least make sure your baby is sucking on something. This means Breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your baby, if your baby just ate then the next best thing you can do is have them suck on their pacifier. This is important because it helps release the pressure on the baby’s ears. I was on the plane and the plane got delayed on the runway. My daughter was hungry and I simply could not wait any longer so I had to feed her. Forty- five minutes later we were taking off, so I gave her, her pacifier and it worked just as well as the bottle and everyone was happy because there was no crying baby.

3.Keep your baby on their schedule.
Raising a baby on a schedule is crucial. Keeping them on a schedule is even more crucial. Our flight was a five hour flight, so this time cut into both her eating and nap schedule. I kept her on her schedule and when it came time for a nap I let her sleep in my arms on a nursing pillow.

4. Bring your nursing pillow.
 You know the glorified neck pillow. I would be lost without my nursing pillow whether you breast feed or not it will come in handy.  You can use the pillow for feeding, napping and letting the baby sit and play on.

5. Check the stroller
 Carry your baby in a baby carrier throughout the airport. I learned the hard way taking a stroller means a lot more time spent navigating through the airport. You have to find the nearest elevator (which there is usually only one nearby). Then you have to wait for the elevator with all the other stroller-waiting parents, handicapped, elderly and the just plain ole lazy people. Yes there are those people who have nothing wrong with them and they simply do not want to ride the escalator but would rather smush themselves like sardines in the elevator with you and your stroller.

6. Ask for a bassinet.
Before going on your flight you can request a basinet for your baby. This is important because then you won't have to hold your baby for the entire flight.

7. Breast milk
You are allowed to bring as much breast milk in your carry on as you want as long as it is 3.4 ounces per container. Why bring breast milk you may ask? This is so you wont have to breast feed on the plane. The breast milk can be heated easily by placing the milk in hot water.

The most stressful part of preparing for vacation is the thought of the impending plane ride. But it doesn’t have to be if you follow these tips. When you have finally reached your destination safely order yourself a drink because you deserve it! Let us know if these tips have worked for you or if you have any other tips.

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