The Day I Became a Mommy: Ella's Birth Story

Wow! A year has come and gone. It feels like yesterday that I held my baby girl in my arms for the first time--as I was throwing up from the anesthesia, yeah labor isn't glamorous girls! But oh!! I didn’t know it was possible to feel every emotion at one time! As many of you know having a baby causes every emotion to come to light. I felt everything from happy, to scared, excited, overwhelmed, exhausted I could go on and on. Looking at Ella now fills me with overwhelming happiness and love, a feeling I never really knew existed until I saw her for the first time. Trying to explain how it feels to have a child is impossible, I wish everyone got to experience the pure joy a child brings!
            My last day of teaching was Friday March 4, 2016 I couldn’t believe I had made it all the way through to my last day of school. Quite frankly, I don’t think anyone else could believe it either. I was full blown preggo, my feet were HUGE and the comments from my first graders were at an all time high. That’s the thing about first graders, they have no shame! Never failed to tell me the truth about my lovely body changes, but ya gotta love the genuine concern they had. Some of my favorites,  “I didn’t know you could get any bigger but I guess I was wrong”, “ Wow, I didn’t know you could actually sit on the floor” , “I know how baby’s are born the stork comes and drops off a nice shiny box at your door and you open it and there’s your baby”--dang, I wish it really was that easy!
           March 7, 2016 a day past my due date and still, nothing. I was only dilated half a centimeter and wasn't progressing. My doctor asked my 200lb aching back, swollen feet self if I wanted to be induced that night, umm duh!! There was no hesitation! I wasn’t being induced until 12am, so I spent the day watching TV, loving on our pup, Oakley, and scared out of my mind!! I knew I was about to embark into the unknown, which was terrifying. Before going to the hospital my husband and I went to our favorite restaurant Alleia, to carb up for the big night! After our last dinner as a twosome we headed home for a quick kiss from Oakley and we were off to the hospital.
            We were admitted to the hospital and our journey to birth began. A sleepless night of being poked, prodded, monitored, and answering family history questions was to follow. The morning finally came, and the nerves kept coming! At about 9am I was at 3 centimeters so they gave me my epidural. Come to find out, my back is curved in a "weird way" so they say after poking me 3 times!  Lucky me! After 3 and a half hours I was still at 3 centimeters--should I have been surprised she was stubborn just like her mama? Nope! The nurse told me that we were going to try to have the baby by the end of the day, her facial expressions said otherwise. Ella's heart rate was being monitored consistently due to it being so high. More hours passed, abruptly a group of nurses, anesthesiologist and doctors rushed in my room. I knew something was wrong, why else would seven people come rushing into the room?! They told me Ella’s heart rate had dropped severely low and I needed to have a c-section to get her out right away. Thankfully, I am an easygoing person with no birth plan! I think the doctor was in shock by my calmness. In the blink of an eye they were handing me pills and rolling me down to the O.R. Minutes later they cut me open and held up our greatest gift, Ella.
           After being cleaned and measured I got to see and touch Ella for the first time. My heart exploded! I remember looking at her not believing she was really mine. After getting stitched up the nurse brought me Ella so I could breastfeed her--what a disaster that was! Men, respect breastfeeding mamas it is the hardest job in the world! When I started breastfeeding it took several times because she couldn't quite get the hang of this new way of eating outside the womb. On top of all the day had already brought, I started to feel super sick so the nurses had to take over helping Ella nurse while I held a bag throwing up for the next few hours.  Anesthesia is no joke! It took the rest of the day for all the drugs to wear off. But it was all worth it to see and hold my baby girl! She was breathtaking!
            Overall, my birthing experience was nice and smooth, minus our little scare. Birth plans never go as expected, be prepared for anything and trust in your doctors. Keep taking those deep breaths and focus on the end goal, holding that sweet baby!! I don’t know what I would have done without my nurses, their help and advice was incredible. Since then, looking back at this day seems very surreal. Every day gets better and better as I watch her grow and develop her own personality. Happy birthday my sweet Ella girl! Daddy and I love you!

Chatt Later,


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