Pink & Gold Sparkly Fun!

I’m so excited to share with you Ella’s 1st birthday party! I chose to go with a pink and gold theme because what little girl does not like pink, sparkles and gold?! The plan was to have a party at my moms house so we could have half the party inside and half outside. This would've been the perfect plan considering we haven’t really had a winter all year and the past weeks have been in the 70's! Gotta love the south! Needless to say, I figured my plan was flawless....No! Of course the day of Ella’s party it was 40 degrees and sleeting so we were forced to move the party inside. Never underestimate mother nature to ruin your plans and add to stress levels! Despite the weather, the party was a hit thanks to my husband, parents and in-laws. Happy Birthday to my girl, can't wait to celebrate many, many more years! 

  But first, let me take a selfie! Who doesn't love a photo booth?! Whether it be a cute little babe or a overly excited adult, we knew everyone would enjoy a good selfie spot. The photo booth was made out of blue and white butcher paper with a basket from Hobby Lobby. The basket was decorated with tissue paper streamers.

 My favorite part of the whole party was watching Ella dig in to her smash cake. And when I say dig, I mean truly dig--she couldn't get enough quick enough! I had been warned earlier in the day not to get to excited because most children don’t really eat the cake. Knowing our Ella I knew this wouldn’t be the case--the child has never met a food she doesn’t like. 

As you can see the cake was amazing! We were lucky enough that my mother-in-law is excellent at making and decorating cakes. We used the first tier as the party smash cake. My mom is equally as talented making and decorating all the cookies for the party. I am super fortunate to have two very creative and talented women in the family who are my go to’s for everything.


I wanted to display the growth Ella has made from birth to a year so I decided to display it in a wooden frame and use sparkly gold clothespins to hold the pictures on.  After searching numerous stores not finding any tassel garlands that I liked or that didn’t cost a ridiculous amount of money, I decided DIY was the way to go! We made the garland with colored tissue paper and attached the tassels to a piece of string.  

For lunch we had the famous Champy’s, if you don’t know what that is and you live in Chattanooga you are committing a sin! Definitely put it on your date night list of places to go! It is the best fried chicken in Chattanooga. The room is decorated with tissue paper flowers and pink streamers. 

This ONE decoration was so easy to make. Take different size boxes and wrap them in pink wrapping paper. Then I took gold sparkly scrapbook paper and cut out the letters and glue them on the box--you can use any colors and it will look awesome!


Say cheese baby girl!! These are some of the pictures from Ella’s 1st birthday shoot. We could not be happier with how they turned out. The photos were taken by Leah Pottinger she is amazing ! Make sure to check out her website she takes pictures for any event.

Overall, the party was a total success! We were surrounded by family and friends who have loved Ella since day one. We loved celebrating every moment we have had with Ella this year and cant wait to celebrate many more birthdays to come.

Chatt Later,

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