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My alarm clock goes off bright and early every morning—“Dad! Daaaad!” Nope, it is never “Mama” but is always that sweet little voice yelling from his crib. As I walk in the room to pick him up, he grins from ear to ear. Instantly I am reminded why I sacrifice to be stay-at-home mom. Yes, I said sacrifice

There is nothing that irks me more than hearing someone joke about how being a stay-at-home mom is a job of leisure and they wish they could get their Mrs. degree like me one day. I have sacrificed my personal/social life and put all of my dreams on hold to raise our son. Yes it has its perks, but always putting yourself 3rd…baby, daddy, then you, is never an easy thing to do. It takes being completely selfless, some days it feels as if my life as an individual doesn’t even exist. I am not Mallory, I am just Mom. I am learning to be confident and secure in that title, it has been a slow process but what a gift! Being just Mom IS enough, quit questioning yourself.

As parents we have decided what is best for our family is me being a stay-at-home mama so all of these sacrifices are ones I am completely familiar with and have committed to make for our family. To those of you that are unsupportive of stay-at-home moms because it is “letting your wife just hang out at home”, tell me again what you think a stay-at-home mom does that is so easy?  Is it the chasing a 1 year old all over your house while he searches for the one toilet lid you left up so he can slap around in the water while laughing uncontrollably? (I'm telling you, we are raising a Dennis the Mennis Jr. over here!) Is it the swaying him back and forth for an hour because he has a fever and can’t sleep while snot is getting all over your shirt? Or is it doing the entire households laundry while cooking dinner and catching up with your best friend on the phone, all while tip toeing around to not wake them up during nap but knowing it is the only time you will have to get these things done? This isn’t the Real Housewives of Chattanooga, I don’t have a nanny doing the dirty work of mamahood for me while I run around with the ladies that lunch—though I do love the sound of that somedays! I am the do all, be all for another human being, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, no sick or off days. I change every diaper, do every feeding, make every meal, heal all boo boos, rock to sleep, soothe every tear etc. Some days just the daily basics like showering and remembering to eat 3 meals a day don’t happen for me but it all happens for Hutton because that is my job. Being a stay-at-home mom means learning to maintain the highest level of stamina possible—long nights call for even longer days. Hell hath no fury like a mama denied her coffee!

While I do have my days that I feel I have fallen down the rabbit hole due to exhaustion and/or boredom from our daily routine, staying home brings the biggest joy to my heart. I am fortunate enough to never miss a milestone, kiss, or boo boo. He will never be this little again and I love every minute of watching him grow. Fun has changed meanings for me in the past year. What I now see as fun in a day is having a photo shoot with my little buddy, watching him belly laugh at his dog Lucy, going for our daily walk around the block and those sweet goodnight kisses that I look forward to all day long. So sacrificing the chance to have an independent career, friendships with colleagues, spending money, or freedom to go run an errand alone is so little in comparison to the alternative. Instead of that latte before work with my girlfriends, I’ll take my coffee with a splash of Mickey Mouse and one pump of cuddles!

On the flip—I have the upmost respect for working mamas. Like, how?! I don’t even understand how you can possible accomplish all the things you do in one day. Not to mention deal with the emotional pull of being away from your baby day in and day out. You are super moms! For those of you who need a little me time away from your baby for a career, go you! I think the separation can be so good for both mom and baby. Hutton has become quite the little leech on my leg, so we could probably use a page from your book on separation. For the others that have to work in order to sustain the desired lifestyle for their little, keep thriving you are doing great! And what an example to set for your child, hard work is what makes this world go round.

Motherhood is hard. Do not down play it to justify yourself to anyone. Motherhood is single handedly the hardest job on this earth—and it IS a job whether you stay at home or not. An unpaid one that consumes your mind at all times. Have respect for the mamas in your life, all the mamas! We are all doing the best we can with no training book telling us right from wrong. Personally, that is the beauty of motherhood, there is no perfect way, we have the freedom to create our own way to hold our babies hands guiding them through life.  They will forever carry a piece of us with them. How motivating is that on a day you are having mommy doubts?! Keep on doing work mamas!


Chatt Later,


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