Hoppin' to see the Easter Bunny

What’s big this year on the bunny hop fashion scene? We are here to help narrow down all Easter fashion trends. Easter Sunday is just a hop away so make sure your kiddos are stylin’ in their Sunday’s best. We have 5 suggestions on easy ways to make sure your little bunnies look top notch for their picture with the Easter bunny!

 Comfort - Dress your child in something comfortable. Majority of us have those dreadful memories of itchy fabric and tight elastic puffy sleeves with our stiff fresh pleather church shoes, we swore we would never make our own kids dress so uncomfortable. But here you are probably pinteresting outfits that include all of the above—don’t worry, we have all done it! But, no reason for it! Grab a nice pair of khakis with a  collared cotton shirt and some comfy loafers and your boy is set! Or a simply cotton dress paired with a great pair of sandals for your gal! They will be so happy they can run and enjoy the easter egg hunt without pulling at that itchy bowtie and tugging on those tights.
 Sunday’s Best – Make sure your comfy outfit doesn’t lean on the too casual side, we still want our little ones to look preppy and proper for such an important picture! Avoid old faded denim and raggedy tennis shoes!
 Matching Siblings – As parents we all dream of the day we can take cute pictures of our babies in matching outfits posing together like a children’s store Ad. The key to this being a success, siblings matching not clashing. Stick to one pattern for everyone’s outfit. Example, put the little girls in gingham (the pattern we all look forward to seeing in Spring) dresses and stick to solids for the boys shirt and shorts.
Colors – Spring has sprung!! Don’t be afraid to throw some color into these outfits. Colorblocking is at an all time high especially for this holiday! Pair a more pastel pair of pants with a bright shirt or vice versa! Color is key to success for this picture! If your child isn’t into making a loud fashion statement with these bright colors then go with pastels and white. Who doesn’t love a good white pair of pants?!
Go with the theme – Spring has sprung so the weather is making us feel are sorts of warm and fuzzy, ready for summer! Dress your little ones appropriately to the style of the backdrop of the picture. Typically the Easter bunny sits with a grass themed backdrop with bright colored eggs all around. Make sure your child is dressed in a springy outfit, no winter Christmas sweaters for this bright fun picture! If it is a little cooler, grab a solid colored cardigan to throw over any outfit as you are walking out the door, it will look great!

There are many different approaches to Easter bunny attire, try to remember kids are kids, let them be little and make this a fun experience for the whole family to enjoy! 

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