10 Workouts You Can Do With Your Child

The first months after having Ella I was going crazy sitting in the house feeding, changing and rocking her to sleep it felt like I was not a human anymore--just a means to an end. I often asked myself how can I keep doing this?! Finally I took my poor pitiful me thoughts and turned them into productivity! Super mom here I come! I had no time for myself and couldn’t afford to go to a gym so I had to bring the gym to me and incorporate my daughter into the workouts (she for sure wasn't going to let me out of her sight!) After working out a little I began to slowly get in the routine of my new life and little by little I began to find myself again. Working out was something that I had to do for myself to make me feel like me again. Here are some workouts I was able to do at home with Ella.

    1.      Overhead press 
Stand up and lift your child up in the air fully extending your arms and bringing them back down to your shoulders.

2.     Russian twist
Sit on your butt lifting your feet off the ground move 
your child side to side like you would a medicine ball.

     3. Squats
You can put your child on your shoulders or hold them in your arms then squat.

    4.    Lunge
 While lunging hold your child in your arms. 
To make it more challenging when you lunge you can move your child side to side.

        5.     Bench press
      Lay on the ground and extend your arms lifting your child in the air and bringing them all the way down to your chest.

       6.   Wall sits
     Sit on the wall in a 90 degree angle and sit your child in your lap.

 7.     Calf raises

   Stand and raise your calves slowly.

8.Sit up’s

        Do a sit up and sit your child on your knees.

           9.   Step up
Find a step and step up and down holding your child in your arms.

   10. Planks
      Sit your child on the ground next to you and place your forearms on the ground and lift your butt in the air  holding  for however long you feel comfortable.

* Another option is to wear your child in a wrap and use weights as an alternative to holding your child.

These 10 simple workouts along with taking Ella for a walk during the day helped me get back into shape. Now I may not be perfect but working out allowed me to feel good about myself, get my body back and bond with my child.

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    1. Whatever your doing is working because you look great!