10 Things I Learned from a Year of Motherhood

Motherhood is one of the best clubs you can be a part of. In the past year, I have learned so much about myself and it’s nothing short of amazing we have made it this far. These are just 10 things my baby girl has taught me:

1.      Don’t sweat the small stuff
I have learned that spit up on your shirt is nothing to be concerned about at least it’s not a melt down in Target and that negativity isn’t something you have time for. After having a child you realize what is really important in life and what’s just not worth your time. My little girl is so positive and full of life I don’t have time to deal with anything that brings me down.
2.     Empathy
Before I had Ella when I heard stories on the news about kids I just looked at them as a story. You guys, I am an empathetic mess now a days. When I see a story about a child in the news it tugs at my heart strings - makes me tear up every time.
3.     Love
Never did I think I could feel a love more intense than the love I have for my husband and family. But, the love I have for my little Ella is beyond words. She is my heart living outside my body in the world and I have to protect it.
4.    Patience
Let’s just take a pause here and applaud ourselves for making it this far AND being happy about it! I am a teacher and have always thought I had quite a bit of patience. But, when that little, adorable baby of yours is screaming their head off and banging their head on your already sore boobs we can all agree your patience is put to the test.
5.     Go with the flow
I am a very schedule oriented person, always have been, I have had Ella on a schedule since she was a month old. However, does she always stay on that schedule? Of course not! The schedule doesn’t factor in sick days, doctors appointments, teeth forming or having a life.
6.     Priorities shift
Before I had my sweetie I did what I wanted when I wanted. Brunch on Saturday at 11 with mimosas - SURE! Date night and wine with my hubby - SURE!  Now its more like who me? My sweet Ella is now the focus of my every minute. Now our nights are spent eating at home together or with our neighborhood friends with kids and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
7. Live every moment
 Our babies grow up at hyper speed - it’s crazy how fast they move from infant to toddler. I have learned to soak up all of life's moments because when you blink they are already entering a new stage of life. Life goes by fast savor every moment.
8. Function over style
Listen… I am all for looking cute on the weekend and when we go out BUT those tight jeans I used to wear to lounge in have now been replaced with yoga pants. After having a baby I only wear comfortable clothes because, really who am I trying to impress? a baby? Lets face it most of my days are spent playing on the floor with my daughter so am I really going to put on jeans to crawl around on the floor all day? NO.
9. I’m stronger than I thought
If you would have told me that I would be cleaning, cooking and shopping all while holding a baby in my arms I would have said “no way!” but I do every day. We, as moms, don’t give ourselves nearly as much credit as we deserve! We are pretty awesome and we do it all!
10. Learning to love my new body
 This one is a hard one. I was an athlete through college and being thin always came natural to me because I constantly worked out. After having my little babe I received the gift of that little extra flub around my stomach and those wonderful stretch marks. I am sure you can relate. But then you have to realize you carried a baby inside of you! How crazy is that!? And for doing that you look pretty DAMN good!

Nothing can prepare you for motherhood and the changes that come with it. BUT nothing can compare to the reward of being a mom. So next time you think “I didn’t get the laundry done today” or “I’m not sure I brushed my hair” just remember that you are killing it out there. You have patience beyond belief, you keep the household running, and you look good doing it! I think I have learned more in a year of motherhood about myself than I have my whole life. Motherhood has been an amazing/ crazy learning experience that I wouldn’t change for anything.

Chatt Later,

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