Meet the Mamas


Mallory & Leigh
From the Chatty Mamas to you, our hope is that through our daily chats, you gain the confidence that you can be, are meant to be and YOU ARE the best mama for your little. Before you even say it-- we know...the word's "new mama" and "confidence" go together like spit-up and white jeans. As new mamas, we quickly learned that the confidence we carry is more contagious than that Mother's-morning-out cough that never dies. A confident mother means a confident child, a confident husband after a hard day at work and a confident household that claims "We don't have it all together, but together, we have it all”

 Besides confident (at least today), we’re chatty. In more ways than one. We are two new moms, Leigh and Mallory, figuring out this mom thing one day at a time, through a 24/7 text thread with each other. We live in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We’re literally neighbors. We’re learning… to be patient… with our men. Leigh fell in love with a Canadian named Craig. Mallory fell in love with Leigh’s brother, Trey. We’re sister-in-laws. When Ella and her baby blues arrived, Leigh told Elementary Education “see ya later… maybe” to stay home with her baby. Leigh is our wine connoisseur, because duh, that is second most important to confidence. Leigh played college volleyball so stay tuned for workouts with your wine. For the .2 seconds a year that mothers get, Leigh ALWAYS has a good new book recommendation. She is most excited to travel the world with Craig and Ella when she gets a little older. Mallory first pretended to like Trey’s dog so maybe he would notice her. Thanks to Lucy, it did not take long for Trey to realize he wanted to marry Mallory. She loved to ease into her morning with a good local latte until their very own, Dennis The Mennis, Hutton arrived. Putting the words “ease” and “rambunctious” together is as impossible as describing how much they love their little boy and his rough and rowdy ways. With Mallory’s .2 seconds a year, she looks forward to weekends on the lake, seeing new parts of the world or discovering a new local eatery in Chatty. We're excited to let you in our lives and we cannot wait to be Chatty with you! 

Little miss Ella & mister Hutton 


  1. Excited for you both! Your new experiences and navigation of being 'mamas' will I'm sure, be so helpful to others traversing these waters ����

  2. My significant other has gone off the deep end and I have no clue what to do..I know this is more of a mom advise thing but I am out of options!!
    the only thing I know to do is get her prescribed to lithium. Please help!

  3. Well this is a very serious issue! I think if you get her a vacation with her friends and a spa day she should be good! Let me know if that works.

  4. Hi ladies, congrats on the blog, it is beautiful. You two have gorgeous babies. Good luck on everything.